Lower your costs with
Smart district heating

Now it´s possible for you as a property owner to lower your district heating costs with 10-15 percent, regardless of whether your house was built in 1952 or 1992. The solution is called Cetetherm Optimizer – the climate smart and resource efficient district heating substation. An investment that pays off within a five-year period while you at the same time are investing in the environment.

Example: Housing association

The housing association that lowered the heating cost
Building year: 1939
Average energy savings: 13%
Return on investment: approx 4 years

Example: Residential building

The residential building that lowered its energy consumption
Building year: 1974
Average energy savings: 12%
Return on investment: approx. 4,5 years

Example: Commercial building

The office building that became climate-smart
Building year: 2001
Average energy saving: 11%
Return on investment: 5 years

Calculate your energy savings

Cetetherm Optimizer saves money and the environment. Use our calculator to see how much you can save on your property. Based on the condition of the Swedish market.

Cetetherm Optimizer Calculator

This is how Optimizer works

  • Complete heating system with integrated DUC and connection for heat quantity meter. Also communication channel with the sub-central for other types of controls.
  • Wireless sensors for indoor temperature and humidity.
  • Wireless connection and algorithm for energy efficiency including in the service.
  • Own web interface or API for the energy company with alarms and notifications.

Apartment buildings and Commercial buildings

Optimizer is available for our range of sub-centrals for apartment buildings, Commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

See the range here

Advantages energy company

  • A new energy efficiency offer to the market
  • Improved network performance through lower return temperatures
  • Access to the customers heat system
  • Improved interaction and support with customers
  • Less environmental impact
  • The building prepared for other digital net- and optimizing solutions (such as supply temperature control, load balancing and future hybrid solutions).

Advantages for the property owner

  • Energy optimization of the property’s heat consumption, with an average energy saving of 10-15%
  • Access to a web tool which visualize the property´s heating system, energy performance and indoor climate in real time. 
  • Alarm and monitoring of the heating system.
  • Lower the property´s environmental impact.
  • Possibility of support and maintenance of the heating system via Service Agreement.

Cooperation partners


”Siemens has worked with Ceteherm for decades and we support the development of Optimizer with our Climatix IC IoT-platform. This solution from Siemens facilitating remote monitoring and smart diagnostic functions e.g via AI-algorithms for data analysis and automated adaptations.”

Hampus Ekwall
Head of Building Products, Siemens Sweden

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Buildings account for approximately 40 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. The majority is created by heating and air conditioning systems driven by non-renewable energy. How the heating energy is generated isn’t the only factor that is important for sustainable heating. Its as much important that the energy use is efficient. This is where Cetetherm comes into the picture. They have found a solution to make the use of district heating more efficient. The key is to digitalize the district heating substation, the link between the net and the customers heat distribution system. Cetetherm´s substations can be connected via Internet of Things (IoT) which allows district heating use to be monitored and optimized via the online platform Cetetherm Optimizer. It is estimated that the solution will reduce energy consumption in buildings with 10 to 15 percent without compromising comfort.

– Siemens has worked with Cetetherm for decades and we support the development of Optimizer with our Climatix IC IoT-platform. This solution from Siemens facilitating remote monitoring and smart diagnostic functions e.g via AI-algorithms for data analysis, says Hampus Ekvall.

The result of the collaboration is a smart heating solution which meets the needs of energy companies, property owners and tenants – while contributing to a more sustainable energy system. When Europe moves towards fossil-free district heating- and district cooling 2050, there is now doubt that digital solutions like Cetetherm Optimizer will play an important role.

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